Welcome to QRS Wealth Advisors


Discerning investors are those who can perceive the value added by personalized service and treatment as a unique personality.  They are “advisor receptive” versus one who goes it alone; that is, they are willing to work as a team.

While they are the ultimate decision maker, they also see the value of trusted advisors.  A discerning investor is also one who is looking for accountability.  They want advisors who apply a consistent and disciplined investment and planning process; tie performance to their goals and objectives; and engage in an ongoing dialogue about their concerns.

The mission of QRS Wealth Advisors is to enable discerning investors to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.   Our firm focuses on working with retirees and affluent investors who want to proceed beyond success to personal significance by creating better futures.

We help our clients make wise choices regarding their wealth.  Generally, we focus on eliminating dangers and capturing opportunities.  Our firm strives to offer clarity and direction by providing creative thinking and problem solving in a collaborative process with our clients and their other advisors.  We expect to build a trusted relationship with you over your lifetime.

Our firm utilizes a consultative process in a comprehensive approach to identify the needs of our clients.  This allows us to provide appropriate, independent, objective and unbiased advice with customized financial problem solving.